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The Shalfonts

The Shalfonts formed in 2008 as primarily an internet band where members would record their individual tracks then mail them on for more over dubs.
featuring members of Shocked Elevator Family (Bryn Bowen, Ralph Morton),The Reverends (Lloyd Bowen, David Morris),
Hell Brown kids (Catherine Martin) and Sunset Cinema Club (Greg Haines).

 The Shalfonts are based in both Birmingham UK and Bergen, Norway at the same time. Exquisite.
Their first album "Sturt Logic" was released in early 2009.

2010 saw the band tighten its sound and song writing for their second album "Mjuk Nation".

Two e.p.´s, a double A-side and a disco style single plus side projects (Ralph Morton drumming in Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeem
and Bryn Bowen playing under his birthname ((Bryn Bowen)) and as Mountain Cloth) preceeded the release of "Grant Mansions"
in the summer of 2014.

Grant Mansions (2014) 

1.An Ave (R.Morton, B.Bowen)
2.Mother´s Boys (R.Morton, B.Bowen)
3.Decorate (A. Kurasch, B.Bowen)
4.Assembly (Total Lag) (R.Morton, B.Bowen)
5.Mud Heart (R.Morton, B.Bowen)
6.They Call Me The Credo (But I´m Not) (B.Bowen)
7.Stack Of Fridges (R.Morton, B.Bowen)
8.Netman + Bird (R.Morton, B.Bowen)
9.The House That Bled (B.Bowen)
10.Spite Marriage ´04 (R.Morton, B.Bowen)
11.Our Den (R.Morton, B.Bowen)
12.A Long Straight Cue (R.Morton, B.Bowen)
13.Candice (B.Bowen)

Cover by Lloyd Bowen 











Netman + Bird
(2014)   Get this fine e.p. here

Nettman + Bird (R. Morton, B.Bowen)
2.Foil (R.Morton, B.Bowen)
3.Stone/Stone/Walk (feat. Martin Mentzoni) (R.Morton, B.Bowen)
4.Ham-Stanined Map (feat. The Home Stretch) (R.Morton, B.Bowen)

Cover by Lloyd Bowen

Handsome Baby (
2014) Get it here

Handsome Baby (B.Bowen, R.Morton)
Barakuda (B.Bowen, L.Bowen, C.Martin, R.Morton)
3 .
Mother´s Boys (B.Bowen, R.Morton)

Cover photo by school photographer?









Working For Uncle/Finding North (
2013) Get this one here


1.Working For Uncle (B.Bowen, R.Morton)
2.Finding North (B.Bowen, R.Morton)

Cover by Owen Churchill


















The Shalfonts : At Moth-Lit Pavilion
(2013)  Download her here

Driver´s Licence (B.Bowen, A.Hootsalak)
2.White Pie (B.Bowen)             
3.Family Of Man (B.Bowen)
4.The Badder They Breed (B.Bowen, E.Cook)
5.Olav´s Place (B.Bowen, R. Morton)
6.Howl Discreetly (B.Bowen)

Cover by Lloyd Bowen

(check out the White Pie music video here)

Brain (2011)       Click here to download Brain
 1.The Lunch Break (B.Bowen, L.Bowen, R.Morton, C.Martin)
 2.Raising Girl (B.Bowen)
 3.And It´s Like (B.Bowen)
 4.Brain (B.Bowen)
 5.When Blue Gets Back (B.Bowen, R.Morton)

Cover art by Lloyd Bowen


Mjuk Nation
(2010)  Download the album here

1.Re-Enter The Zone (B.Bowen, R.Morton, D. Morris)
2.Precinct (B.Bowen, R.Morton)
3.Triumphant, Wet or Sad (B.Bowen, R.Morton)
4.Orelude (B.Bowen, R.Morton)
5.Midtown to Rural Turbine (B.Bowen, K.Bird, D.Morris)
6.Stab it and Steer (B.Bowen, R.Morton)
7.Sweating Whippleman (B.Bowen,R.Morton)
8.Lurk or Roam (B.Bowen, A.Kurasch, R.Morton)
9.Bicycle Diary (B.Bowen, R.Morton)
10.Twizzler (B.Bowen,G. Haines, R.Morton)
11.Barakuda (B.Bowen, L.Bowen, C.Martin, R.Morton)
12.I See Flames (B.Bowen, R.Morton)
13.Udo's Choice (B.Bowen, L.Bowen, R.Morton)

Cover art by Lloyd Bowen

Midtown To Rural Turbine (2010)   Download The Single Here

1.Midtown to Rural Turbine (B.Bowen , K.Bird, D.Morris)
2.Log (B.Bowen, L.Bowen, R. Morton)
3.Dad's Eye (B.Bowen, L.Bowen, R. Morton)










Sturt logic

Download The Album Here

1.Quaalude Mornings (B.Bowen)
2.Do Me Bronze (B.Bowen, R.Morton)
3.Trent Boyard (B.Bowen, L.Bowen, R.Morton)
4.Burners and Werners (B.Bowen, R.Morton)
5.I Can Woman (B.Bowen, R.Morton)
6.Enter : Claude (B.Bowen, R.Morton)
7.7 From the Womb (New Batch) (B.Bowen, R.Morton)
8.The Tann Hide (B.Bowen, R.Morton)
9.The Late Night Love-In (B.Bowen, R.Morton)
10.The Exploration (B.Bowen)
11.Two Boy Gay (B.Bowen, C.Gumbley)
12.Warm 15 (B.Bowen, L.Bowen, R.Morton, D.Morris)
13.Powder Shrine (B.Bowen, R.Morton)
14.Smunched (B.Bowen, L.Bowen)

Cover art by Ralph Morton